The Shifting Pricing and Customer Landscape within the UAE

In the second part of this two-part video series from Accenture Exchange at Expo 2020 Dubai, Syncron customer James Henderson, Head of Pricing and Aftersales for Al-Futtaim, shares how the automotive leader has strengthened its ability to meet heightened customer and market demands through an evolved approach to pricing management. He goes further to break down key steps that auto manufacturers can take to successfully transition to more service-driven business models.

This video is Part Two of a two-part video series from Syncron and Al-Futtaim sessions at Accenture Exchange, at Expo Dubai 2020, in March 2022. In Part One of this series, hear Syncron Co-Founder, Tony Abouzolof, share how manufactures in the Middle East are well-positioned to create more successful businesses outcomes by offering differentiated customer experiences. Watch Part One here.