Flipping the Script on Traditional Customer Support

Man holding tablet showing a map

When you think of customer support, what comes to mind? Logging a ticket into space? Calling a toll-free number to listen to a curated track of soft jazz and ads? Speaking to a chat bot until you realize this is NOT a real person? The worst part is, you wait. You’re waiting for a resolution or an answer that you need now.

At Syncron, we don’t like waiting either. We also know that in an increasingly on-demand digital world, customer expectations have changed and require traditional support models to be reevaluated to provide faster more proactive support.

Today 40% of all our support tickets are proactive! In other words, not opened by our customers but by a member of our team without the need for you to contact us.

Ultimately this means our focus is providing more value. Delivery that provides value to our customers can be everything from an action that increases the performance of the system, guides the customer how to do something in a more efficient way or a parameter change that has a big impact on revenue numbers and thus generate higher profitability for our customers. Here’s how we do it.

Proactive System Monitoring

Through a vast amount of scripts that constantly check Syncron solutions for errors, we detect and fix a lot before it becomes a problem. We monitor different hardware scenarios like diskspace, and with our supervision services checks we ensure Syncron solutions consume, process and deliver business outcomes on time. If we notice something unexpected, like a missing file, we proactively contact you to retrieve the information.

Proactive Error Detection

Each of our customers has, what we call, a “Technical Responsible”. The Technical Responsible is assigned to be the expert on that customer’s unique configuration and set up. If we detect an error in one of our environments, we immediately determine if there are additional customers with the same configuration. That way we can immediately address the error proactively on all environments through a service release or configuration change to minimize disruption.

24/7 Knowledgebase Access

Our extensive knowledge base contains 2,500 expertly authored solutions, technical information and training tips on both Syncron Inventory and Syncron Price. As soon as we’ve solved a problem, we document it in our Knowledgebase available to you 24/7. This easy to search resource also proactively suggests possible solutions whenever you log a ticket. In some cases, that may resolve the question at hand without waiting for a response from us.

Incorporating What We Learn into Product Design

We are never satisfied with just solving the incident at hand. We want to be sure the situation will not happen again. We work closely with our development teams, and sr. engineers and leaders to implement process, code or configuration changes, increase monitoring or other recommendations based upon what we learn from you. Your feedback helps us provide a better experience for all Syncron customers from simplifying an upgrade, changing the design of a product or suggesting a whole new future capability.

Testing 1,2,3

When we do need to make configuration changes in a system, we want to be sure everything is working as expected before applying to your production environment.  Test 1, we run tests in our own internal systems, Test 2, we always have our Technical Responsible review, Test 3 one of our senior engineers also completes code review. Only then, will we put changes into production and confirm this is working the way you expected.

Internal Certifications

The business of our customers is very important to us. Every support engineer on our team is required to complete ongoing training and certification programs that build both their technical skills and their professional competencies.

What’s Next

Soon we’ll be launching our new Syncron Knowledgecast Program. These free 30-60 minute live training sessions will provide you with new release enablement along with best practice tips and tricks to get the most out of your Syncron solutions. These virtual training sessions will be lead by our experts in Customer Success and available on-demand in Syncron Learning. If you have ideas on what you’d like to see us provide training on submit them directly to Patrik Gäreskog, VP Syncron Customer Support.

So as you can see, we take providing you with proactive support seriously. While we love talking with our customers, we also want to be sure you’re gaining as much value as possible from your Syncron solutions, and that means less time waiting for issue resolution and more time serving the needs of your own customers.

Want more information about Syncron Support offerings? Learn more here.