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Deliver exceptional service through your dealer network

Efficiently distribute parts stock to your downstream network and align your aftermarket strategies with individual dealers’ business requirements.

  • Control and improve the end-user service experience
  • Achieve higher levels of dealer and consumer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Balance parts distribution center (PDC) warehouse loads
  • Reduce excess and obsolete dealer parts stock and minimize returns to PDCs
  • Improve productivity and eliminate waste
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Recognized as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape for Service Parts Management

Dealer to Dealer Solution Package

Syncron Retail Inventory Management

Reduce churn by streamlining dealer inventory management

Your dealers’ customers value their time above all else, and when problems with their products and equipment arise, they want quick and effective solutions. With an AI- and ML-driven parts inventory optimization solution, you can automatically place parts where and when they’re needed, allowing your dealers to focus on fixing their customers’ equipment on time, as promised. This will prevent them from seeking out the local competition, keep them coming back, and ensure their loyalty to your brand.

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Enable information, risk, and revenue-sharing to improve dealer adoption and compliance.


Optimize the dealer service parts supply chain and improve parts availability up to 20%.


Lower dealer network inventory up to 30% and decrease freight and other supply chain costs.


Eliminate manual processes and waste and expand worker efficiency and customer focus.

Synchronize your dealer supply chain

Demand forecasting

Close the gap between which inventory items you think your dealers may need and what they’ll actually need on hand to free up valuable working capital.

  • Fine-tune forecasting accuracy by analyzing varying data sets and applying best-fit algorithms
  • Calculate probabilities for different demand outcomes
  • Schedule and adjust planned events, such as recall campaigns and maintenance
  • Utilize hub and spoke structures to get parts to smaller dealers, faster
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Master aftermarket forecasting challenges

Merge scarce individual parts data with data from similar stocking locations to predict and generate more accurate demand profiles for your dealers and automatically create millions of forecasts.

Predict the probability of outcomes

Calculate probabilities of different demand outcomes by utilizing individual and related item data and feed the inventory optimization engine with accurate demand distributions.

Manage exceptions in real-time

You or your dealers can adjust forecasts individually—or in bulk—in real-time, reacting to automatic outlier detection and critical forecast alerts to proactively manage exceptions.

Set up larger dealers as depots

Use hub and spoke planning to enable smaller dealers (spokes) to source slow-moving parts from larger, local dealers (hubs) so that repair times are kept short and you’re not expediting parts.

Inventory Optimization
Access the right parts, in the right place, at the right time

Inventory optimization

Capture and automate your most intelligent strategies for managing your dealers’ inventory and improve their service levels and their customers’ experiences.

  • Optimize inventory across a multi-echelon distribution network
  • Help your dealers order parts in the most economic quantities
  • Improve dealer inventory management with cluster analytics
  • Integrate dealer order schedules and plans in your PDC planning
  • Reduce your dealer network’s inventory up to 30%
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Distribute inventory optimally

Allocate inventory across your dealer network supply chain by automatically considering vertical and horizontal dependencies and utilizing virtual planning to share parts stock across stock keeping locations.

Calculate accurate replenishment levels

Right-size parts ordering quantities and timings and eliminate the risk of overstocking to keep inventory—and costs—at optimal levels by automatically identifying demand distributions and using best-fit algorithms.

Manage inventory with cluster analytics

Cluster dealer stocking locations with similar demand patterns and use the richer cluster demand data to lay out a more accurate inventory strategy and improve inventory management.

Collaborate with your dealers

Integrate dealer order plans in PDC planning and proactively schedule planned maintenance at dealers to reduce variability in the supply chain and improve individual parts delivery accuracy and reactivity.

Stock Replenishment
Refill your dealer network inventory efficiently and effectively

Stock replenishment

Empower dealers to execute on established calculated inventory replenishment policies for ordering parts stock to increase their availability by up to 20%.

  • Automate dealer stock replenishment
  • Mitigate your dealer’s risk of run-outs
  • Level supplier loads at PDCs, optimally
  • Simplify dealer parts returns and incentivize participation and compliance
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Automate parts replenishment

Utilize a policy approval review process engine to automate ordering and parts replenishment to manage dealer stock refills more efficiently.

Ensure parts are available when needed

Minimize and control the risk of your dealer’s parts run-outs by analyzing forecasts and product lead times to predict when to place rush orders.

Right-size parts loading each day

Identify tomorrow’s order lines from your dealers and automatically level-set the loads at each PDC to reduce the variability in overhead and prioritize the highest needs.

Guarantee parts returns

Encourage dealer participation and willingness to stock the right parts—yours—including slow moving ones, by allowing them to return unsold parts.

Analytics, Simulations, & Reporting
Differentiate your dealer network’s service operations with advanced analytics

Analytics, simulations, and reporting

Use data to your advantage and unlock opportunities across the entire dealer network service supply chain and inventory ecosystem.

  • Gain invaluable visibility into inventory operations
  • Synthesize millions of data points to produce clear and actionable insights
  • Travel back in time and use “what if” analyses to predict business outcomes
  • Use GPS data to track equipment in the field and their location
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Analyze operations data

Generate numerous performance optimized reports specifically engineered for the aftermarket to quickly gain insights on your inventory operations and KPIs.

Deploy data-driven insights

Mine your operations data for meaningful insights into anomalies and trends that can propel your business forward and view personalized insights on custom dashboards.

Predict business scenario impacts

Leverage simulation and processing tools to view an alternate past and simulate different scenarios for faster, better decision-making without sacrificing quality.

Monitor your install base

Obtain and track GPS data from machines in the field to better predict at which locations they will be serviced next to improve demand forecasting and parts ordering decision making.

We intend to roll this system out further to a nearly global level. With more data, we can adapt to meet seasonal demands, better predict the slow movers and improve our forecasts.

Andre Lockenkoetter, Head of Sales and Distribution Systems, CLAAS
Syncron Retail Inventory

Syncron’s strong commitment to product development, and the impressive cross-collaboration between our two teams, will enable us to meet our customers’ service needs in today’s ever-changing world.

Christian Buck, Manager, Service and Parts, CLAAS
Syncron Retail Inventory

The reason a sales partner should use the parts inventory manager is to increase the availability of parts, which we believe leads to higher sales. Saving time at the point of sale is also important. With the system, we can save 20% of the time to process and manage orders.

Christian Buck, Manager, Service and Parts, CLAAS
Syncron Retail Inventory

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