OEM Service Lifecycle Management Automation Impacting Net Promoter Score

OEM Service Lifecycle Management Automation Impacting Net Promoter Score

Net promoter score (NPS) is one of the most widely used methods to identify customer satisfaction and loyalty. It’s a comprehensive measure – covering both the number of promoters and detractors for the service that companies provide.

NPS gauges customer satisfaction through qualitative experiences, often related to service teams’ technical workforce skills. It measures actions and outcomes including how quickly a problem is resolved, and customer opinions about how they feel they’ve been treated during their service experience. Satisfied customers signal strong workforce performance – overarching metrics companies use to determine how NPS should impact changes or improvements to their service operations.

Here’s an NPS trap to avoid: providing an abundance of free services and other costly perks to chase customer loyalty. While useful, NPS shouldn’t be a company’s sole satisfaction measure. It’s most beneficial when utilized as a factor rather than a summary. While it’s an encompassing measure of a customer’s experience, it’s challenging to use to identify specific factors and events that impact score.

NPS is difficult to attribute to any single service factor. While it’s a comprehensive measure of a customer’s experience, it’s challenging to use it to identify specific factors or events that impact scoring reflecting mean time to resolution. Too many variables in the service lifecycle are influential factors.

Here’s an NPS boost to deploy: automating OEMs customer experiences with service teams (both in-house and through partners), providing seamless interactions that product users expect while equipping service techs with what’s needed for cost-effective first-time fixes.

Service lifecycles can be platformed using a customer portal. With 75% of a brand’s users now preferring self-service abilities, providing them 24/7 access to service-related solutions through desktop and mobile devices is an instant NPS advancer. Answers are found easily and quickly, reducing center agent’s time, and reducing associated operational costs. These systems are scalable, allowing for future additions accommodating all customers in every location, as a company grows.

A Customer Portal provides a business systems-integrated, single platform to manage:

  • Knowledge Publishing – Provides an updatable and searchable knowledge base, manuals, service history, and product support from multiple sources.
  • Service Management – Access to a 360-degree view of products at critical moments in the product lifecycle.
  • Product Registrations – Simplify the registration process, directly engaging with customers.
  • Request Support – Offer smarter, faster customer support and resolutions.
  • Self-Service Scheduling – Streamline and deliver exceptional service by enabling field service professionals.
  • Automated Service Plan Offerings and Online Sales – Increase the attach rate and renewal of service contracts, maintenance plans or extended warranties.

Syncron provides My Customer Portal to accommodate an automated, connected customer-to-service provider environment. Request a demo to see it in action.