BSH Home Appliances Group Automates and Optimizes Global Pricing Strategy

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BSH Home Appliances Group has implemented Syncron Price to automate and streamline global pricing operations, maximize margins, and enhance the customer experience. An intelligent pricing automation tool, Syncron Price ensures price competitiveness, increases operational efficiency, and offers full visibility across the entire BSH portfolio.

The power of BSH and Syncron

A leader in B2B price optimization and management applications, Syncron Price has enhanced the BSH parts pricing approach with a fit-for-purpose pricing solution.

After considering other vendors, BSH chose Syncron for its intuitive, out-of-the-box functionality, automation features, adaptability, pricing simulations and easy access to all pricing data. BSH understood they needed a comprehensive, intelligent, global pricing solution backed by an engaged, responsive support team that understands and cares about their business.


  • Pricing inconsistencies
  • Reliance on manual processes
  • No centralized view of parts pricing
  • Lack of efficiency
  • Inability to conduct pricing simulations


  • Consistent and transparent pricing
  • Accurate, automated item segmentation
  • Full visibility across the entire portfolio
  • Streamlined operations supported by AI/ML
  • Intuitive, visual data analysis for smarter pricing decisions