Hyster-Yale Group Expands Use of Syncron Price

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Hyster-Yale Group elevates its parts pricing strategy with Syncron Price

Hyster-Yale Group is a global company with a forward-thinking approach. By leveraging Syncron Price in its two largest regions, Hyster-Yale sets competitive pricing for its customers across multiple countries with ease. Watch this video to see how Hyster-Yale implements a proactive parts pricing strategy and optimizes financial return with Syncron Price.

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Syncron Price uses advanced technology to identify hidden pricing opportunities that positively impact business performance by maximizing sales, revenue, and service profitability.

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Paul Wells, Director, Commercial Aftermarket – EMEA, Hyster-Yale Group:
Aftermarket parts pricing is absolutely crucial to Hyster-Yale in winning new business, but also in maintaining strong relationships with our existing customers. In a 21st century environment, Syncron gives us way more flexibility, way more possibilities to tailor the pricing to multiple dealers in multiple countries. And that’s where Syncron delivers tremendous value.

Ron Gijsbers, Strategic Pricing Analyst, Hyster-Yale Group:
I use Syncron Price on a daily basis. Every morning I fire up the system and I see all the information needed to set a competitive price for our customers immediately in one screen.

Mark van Gaalen, Manager Pricing and Analysis, Hyster-Yale Group:
All the data that we need for getting to a price is already loaded into Syncron. We were always doing it manually, but instead of doing it in spreadsheets, it’s now embedded in a software solution. So that makes our life a lot easier than before.

Ron Gijsbers:
What I found the most helpful is the kit logic module. We’ve told the system how to price all the different kinds of kits that we have, according to all the specifics, so it’s a big timesaver.

Paul Wells:
Hyster-Yale is a large global organization, very much forward thinking. In early 2019, the US were already well developed in their discussions with Syncron. Obviously, it makes sense if we had our two biggest regions in North America and EMEA on the same pricing platform.

Mark van Gaalen:
All the data that they have gathered is also available for us and the other way around. So we can move from a kind of reactive pricing into a proactive pricing.

Paul Wells:
Most IT projects of this nature have been rife with problems, due to use the sheer nature of it, the complexity of the project. I would describe the implementation process with Syncron as incredibly smooth and drama free.

Ron Gijsbers:
Syncron, together with Hyster-Yale, have provided us with training, documentation, and their support departments, to help us out on very short notice.

Paul Wells:
We’ve got to balance that customer need with optimizing the financial return to Hyster-Yale. Striking that balance is not easy. This is where Syncron becomes an invaluable tool.