The Increasing Importance of After-sales Service in a Down Economy

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The COVID-19 health crisis is affecting people and businesses around the world. The global economy continues to decline, and the entire extent of the impact is uncertain. For manufacturers and suppliers, it’s a concerning time.

With the sales of finished goods under pressure, after-sales service is the area to build a competitive advantage for businesses, identifying new revenue streams and retaining customer loyalty. In this 20-minute webcast, Syncron’s Clayton Slagle led an actionable dialogue around the following key areas:

• Identifying new opportunities for cash preservation while maintaining customer service levels
• Uncovering ideas for how best to introduce new vendors to your supply chain without incurring inventory bloat
• How best to leverage pricing strategies to manage demand in an unpredictable market
• Ways to more effectively reallocate limited inventory stocks to support key markets
• And much more…