Takeuchi Continues Streamlining Warranty Operations

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Takeuchi construction equipment in the field

Takeuchi is a leading provider of compact construction equipment. The company began manufacturing in 1963 and has been a pioneer in the compact equipment industry. Takeuchi compact excavator and compact track loader products have transformed global construction equipment markets. Takeuchi has an extensive dealer and service network supported by state-of-the-art training, parts, and distribution facilities worldwide.


Takeuchi wanted to enable its dealers to deliver a better warranty and parts experience to customers.

To accomplish this, they realized the functional components to maximize the customer experience needed to help manage Warranty costs, improve product quality, and enhance data sharing with both their manufacturing operations and supplier partner network.

Takeuchi’s focus was on distributors and dealers throughout Asia, Australia, and Europe, and integration with Takeuchi US to streamline Warranty Claims, Supplier Recovery, Parts Catalog & Knowledge publishing. Integration with parts ordering, schematic designs, and financial systems, with online and offline access to product catalogs and knowledge, encompassed their capabilities scope.

Specific needs and objectives identified included a new warranty and parts solution to unify and streamline warranty entry and part information and access for its partners, customer, and internal users. ​

The company was growing and expanding its dealer network, which led them to look for a program that would deliver a modern customer-focused experience.​ A significant facet of this was to enable their dealers to be more effective and efficient in processing warranty claims, resolving technical issues, and ordering parts.​ Ultimately, Takeuchi sought a solution that enhanced data sharing with their manufacturing operations and suppliers, providing cost reduction while improving product quality.


Takeuchi indicated their selection of Syncron was predicated on the software partner’s solution team’s knowledge of their business, taking the time to understand their specific business processes and company culture thoroughly, and brings best practices in Warranty Management.

Syncron’s depth and breadth of Service Lifecycle Management software capabilities proved to help Takeuchi continue streamlining the warranty operations. Systemically, Syncron integration with Microsoft Navision ERP and line-of-business systems for parts ordering, schematic designs, and financial management provided a single global system, simplifying processes beyond Takeuchi’s multiple existing solution environment, utilized regionally for each service function. It will enable better tracking of product warranty entitlements, claims, and analysis, while equipping stakeholders with up-to-date information on Parts Catalogs and Knowledgebase available universally, simplifying access with distributors, dealers, and customers.

The Syncron system provided:

  • Customer Connect platform: Provides common that manages all service interactions with customers and all required users
  • Warranty: Manage Warranty Claim Entry, Submission, Review, and Processing
  • Registration: Product Registrations by Customers, Channel Partners, Contact centers, tracking all warranty entitlements, and customer data
  • Parts: Enables users, contact centers, and dealers the ability to lookup service parts online easily and quickly, with real-time parts and service information
  • Knowledge: Manage and access all knowledge resources, including knowledge articles, manuals, service bulletins, and training videos


  • A single global system instead of multiple existing solutions regionally and for different functions, increasing analytic visibility, productivity, and product quality
  • Integration with Takeuchi US to streamline and automate updates for Warranty Claims, Supplier Recovery, and Parts Catalog
  • Knowledgebase publishing, globally, reducing time to share with dealers and customers through online and offline access
  • Improved tracking of product warranty entitlements, claims, and analysis, reducing costs