Hot on the heels of Field Service USA, the Syncron team is already back on the road. This week, we’re here in Atlanta for the the 30th Annual Spring Pricing Workshops & Conference at the Loews Midtown Hotel in Atlanta to learn pricing service strategies for the year ahead.

The event is hosted by the Professional Pricing Society (PPS), an organization founded in the mid-80s by Eric Mitchell that has evolved into a gathering of more than 4,800 members from a whopping 75 countries! The organization hosts five major pricing conferences a year, and since its founding year, PPS has been focusing on bringing pricing’s foremost thought-leaders together for events, workshops and online courses to facilitate ongoing learning, networking and shared experiences.

That’s why we’re showing up with some of our top pricing experts in the Syncron organization to learn from some of the best in the industry – and to uncover the expanding scope of pricing today. We’re hearing from leaders at world-class companies such as Cox Automotive, ABB and Cisco Systems, and we’re looking forward to learning more about pressing pricing topics like core pricing skills, pricing new products, partnering with sales, and so much more. Our top picks on the agenda?

– Applying the 80/20 Rule to Pricing

– The Practitioner’s Guide to Making Pricing Strategy Deliver

– The Art of Pricing in an AI-Driven World

– Transitioning to Usage-Based Pricing Models

– The Life-Changing Magic of Behavioral Pricing

– Pricing For Lifetime Value: The 3 Myths You Need to Know

– Value-Based Monetization Strategies for the Digital World

– The Complete Journey to Pricing Excellence


By learning from incredible pricing thought-leaders here in Atlanta, we’re focusing on what service pricing strategies matter most. And, by addressing questions such as, “Is your service parts pricing leaving money on the table?” “Are you a service parts laggard or leader?” and, “Are service pricing strategies your hidden profit lever?” we hope to walk away with some of the best tips and tools the pricing industry has to offer.


Join us as we live blog our experience during the performance workshops, interactive working groups, and so much more. With nearly a week’s worth of networking, technology and strategy, we’re sure to come home with some of the best insights in pricing today!