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The landscape for OEMs in mining and construction is fundamentally changing. Telematics-based fleet management, increasing pressure to reduce carbon and noise emissions, and aging fleets create unmatched aftermarket complexity. With growing influence of the rental market, OEMs are looking at how to best cooperate or compete with their large-scale distribution networks.

Syncron supports construction and mining equipment OEMs and dealers to optimize and transform their aftermarket service business. With Syncron, you can leverage the full potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to anticipate product outages, increase multi-echelon and multi-channel part visibility, allow for new demand and availability-based parts pricing, and enable new predictive and SLA-based service models.

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Syncron’s Retail Inventory Solution Helps Scot JCB Impress Customers

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Empower dealers

Dealers often serve as the face of the brand, and much of the overall customer experience relies on the dealer experience. Downtime is both an inconvenience and extremely costly for your customers. And, due to the disparate systems at multiple locations around the world, the OEM can often find it challenging to simply even measure customer service levels.

To ensure service is efficient and effective every time, dealers must be stocked with the right parts to not only meet, but exceed, customer expectations. Syncron ensures dealers are stocked with the appropriate parts, and supports dealer part return programs, guaranteeing dealers won’t be required to absorb the costs of inventory they might not need.

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Reinvent pricing

In an industry where new product orders are fluctuating, companies must look for previously untapped sources of revenue. For construction and mining equipment manufacturers, service parts pricing can provide just this.

Many companies still rely on manual processes and Excel spreadsheets to price their service parts. With Syncron, manufacturers can implement a value-based approach, enabling teams to better analyze and respond to changing market conditions. Ultimately, automating and optimizing service parts pricing leads to improved revenue and profits.

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Anticipate demand

Predicting demand can be tricky, especially when introducing new products. No historical data to predict when parts will need replacement or repair can lead to missteps in part availability and customer service — a costly combination in a highly competitive industry.

With Syncron, manufacturers can better anticipate demand, using advanced algorithms and analytics to properly stock service parts in the best places to ensure maximum uptime. This helps manufacturers know when and where replacement parts need to be ordered and stocked, oftentimes eliminating excess inventories and overhead costs. Plus, when parts are stocked appropriately, customers are guaranteed a great service experience.

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Predict maintenance

As the rental model becomes more prevalent in the mining and construction industries, the need for pre-emptive maintenance is more important than ever. For manufacturers in these industries, it means they must maximize equipment uptime to also maximize revenue.

With Syncron, manufacturers can leverage IoT-enabled equipment and parts to proactively replace or repair a piece of equipment before it fails. And, Syncron integrates this predictive maintenance with a field service or dealer management system — helping OEMs manage both parts and the workforce.

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