Scot JCB – Flexible Technology Key to Evolving Customer Demands

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As a company that operates a centrally controlled inventory management system, the Scot JCB team counts on easy access to real-time information about parts inventory – across multiple suppliers and company dealers. Learn how Scot JCB proactively identifies opportunities for improvement and reduces waste – with the real-time analytical data the Syncron solution provides.

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Scot JCB – Flexible technology key to evolving customer demands

Ryan Espie, Group Parts Manager / Scot JCB
Well, it’s a very different year, as it has been for everyone. It has shown that we have the ability, with software like Syncron to certainly be more flexible in our working practices. Not necessarily having to be in the offices to do the job. But in terms of our customer facing environment, I don’t believe very much has changed. We’ve tried to remain as consistent as possible.

It has allowed us to be very flexible in that we could place our orders, and we could adjust our orders as well, to try and guard against supplier shortages and things that would change lead time. To increase our stock levels, in order to continue to be as present as possible as far as the customer is concerned.

Stuart McCarlie, Assistant Parts Manager / Scot JCB
Yes, we adjusted the Syncron lead time from four days to eight, just for a temporary period of time, just to give you that extra bit of cushion, for parts taking longer to arrive.

We found that our customers were slightly more demanding during the pandemic. They wanted their machines up and running as quickly as possible. We’ve kept the customer at the forefront of our minds at all points in time. And had them up and running as quickly as possible.

Ryan Espie, Group Parts Manager / Scot JCB
Towards the latter part of the year it seemed to take a long time for problems to filter through, but we did have some fast moving parts from JCB that did run very, very low. But, with the flexibility of Syncron allowing us to change lead times, that definitely did improve off-the-shelf availability earlier in the year.

We have been fortunate enough to be on the system for awhile when this pandemic hit, so we had pretty good knowledge of the whole system to make it play to our advantage, and use our strengths and knowledge to make it work for us.

Stuart McCarlie, Assistant Parts Manager / Scot JCB
In the short term, for our industry, in 2021 we are going to find an increased demand for parts as machines are not so readily available at the moment, due to the pandemic and manufacturing.

Once the manufacturing gets back up to speed, I think things will level out and go back to pre-pandemic times where we will be supporting warranty as well as the customer.