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Syncron Uptime

Syncron Uptime

Deliver exceptional service experiences

Empower your engineers with the digital capabilities they need to predict and prevent asset downtime.

  • Increase machine availability and asset reliability
  • Enable proactive maintenance and PaaS offerings
  • Reduce break-fix and repair expenditures
  • Optimize resource allocation
  • Improve quality of service and customer experience
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Ashok Leyland Partners with Syncron to Transform Predictive Vehicle Maintenance

Syncron Uptime

Minimize machine downtime through failure prediction

Machine availability is paramount to your customer’s success and traditional break-fix service models cannot keep pace as asset downtime can induce millions of dollars of lost output. To meet these new service demands and migrate toward a more proactive service model, it’s critical to invest in advanced technology that not only collects IoT sensor data but also runs analytics on that data to detect anomalies and prognosticate failures. Utilizing such a solution will allow you to promote high equipment availability and deliver service excellence through intelligent repair.

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Increase product uptime by 20-40% while increasing field service utilization by 10-30%.


Reduce unplanned downtime due to failures and cut maintenance costs by 10-30%.


Make spare parts availability more predictable and service support more proactive.


Gain insights into critical asset parameters and eliminate the possibility of breakdowns.

AI/ML-Based Early Warning System
Augment your existing condition monitoring system

AI/ML-based early warning system

Deploy an Industrial IoT (IIoT) solution that your reliability engineers can easily use to identify known/unknown anomalies and degradation-related problems earlier in a connected asset ecosystem.

  • Track events of asset-related problems
  • Improve overall asset utilization and management
  • Gain visibility into processes and products
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Identify performance degradations

Employ a digital database of anomalies and parts condition information using sensor and service history data to aid in proactive field service and support.

Share real-time data

Provide relevant data to your R&D team to improve asset quality and reliability while increasing customer value and efficiency.

Visualize asset data

Integrate your disparate systems and programs to provide complete process visibility and expand your applications beyond asset monitoring.

Failure Prediction
Optimize maintenance planning schedules

Failure prediction

Generate early warning alerts based on a wide range of relevant data points to help your field engineers uncover the root cause of a problem and how to resolve it.

  • Regain time lost during parts replacement
  • Minimize disruptions to daily operations
  • Understand the risk of a potential breakdown
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Automate assistance

Allow your service team to support thousands of installed assets by accurately predicting root cause issues with advanced AI and ML predictive models.

Discover early failure pattern indicators

Significantly reduce unplanned downtime by detecting patterns of specific anomalies that can lead to potential failures.

Pinpoint probability of failure

Understand the condition and performance of an asset or component over time by measuring and monitoring a variety of human, audible, and visible indicators.

Knowledge Management
Enhance customer service

Consolidated knowledgebase

Gain insights into how your asset performs over time by converting raw sensor data into information that can be easily analyzed.

  • Shift from individual skills to digital knowledge management
  • Build more prescriptive failure prediction models
  • Improve the efficiency of your current, reactive break-fix model
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Support knowledge transference

Provide technicians with a wealth of knowledge at the point of service to improve first-time fix rates and provide a more consistent customer service experience.

Make predictive recommendations

Receive automatic recommendations for remedial actions and allow your service and parts departments to use this data for proactive maintenance.

Orchestrate data and service

Establish a single source of truth for all assets and systems by integrating data and service information from customers, OEMs, and third parties into one cloud platform.

Blueprint Library
Deliver better product and service design

Domain-specific blueprint library

Empower domain-based engineers by applying digital twin-based analytics powered by AI/ML technologies to detect and diagnose anomalies and predict product and parts failures.

  • Anticipate failures more accurately
  • Improve product reliability and competitiveness
  • Enhance the quality of your operations data
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Access digital blueprints

Give your engineers a mix of AI/ML and domain knowledge to help predict equipment failures and improve product scalability.

Take advantage of asset data

Capitalize on pre-existing asset data to offer new value to your customers, such as reduced downtime and maintenance cost savings.

Alert customers and operators

Create and deploy AI/ML models to cut through asset noise and provide owners and operators relevant and timely alerts on asset failures.


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