Third-Party Logistics

As competitive pressures increase, logistics providers are expanding their offering to capture more of the customer’s wallet. Transportation and warehouse management is now a must-have for any Third-Party Logistics (3PL) provider. As logistic customers look to differentiate their service offering further, they are turning to Syncron to incorporate inventory management capabilities. Expansion into inventory management allows the Third-Party Logistics provider to:

  • Grow wallet-share
  • More closely align with the customer
  • Increase switching costs – preventing customers from easily moving to another 3PL

Inventory Management is one of the more difficult solutions to add to your logistics portfolio. Companies traditionally consider inventory management a core competency that cannot be outsourced. In spite of this, companies big and small are now seeking a reliable provider with a comprehensive logistics offering that includes inventory management.

Syncron gives logistics providers a competitive edge by offering a solution that is easily integrated with the 3PLs software or the end-customer. As a global service provider, we have the experience, process and functionality required to address the needs of a variety of businesses at multiple locations using an assortment of ERP systems. Our functionality that is well-suited to 3PLs and the companies they serve:

  • Software that is built to allow the 3PL and its customers to have different roles and responsibility for the planning
  • Superior algorithms that optimize inventory based on service-level, operating cost and capital tied up in stock
  • Tools and processes to incorporate the customer’s business knowledge into the inventory management process
  • Access to insightful information and inventory simulation that can help you and your customer anticipate and adjust to changes in demand

Global Inventory Management software from Syncron is the perfect tool to help you provide best-in-class planning. Help your customers have the right stock in the right place at the right time! This software generates accurate demand forecasts, aid in replenishment planning, and streamline communication between you and your clients.