Master Data Management

Master Data Management Software

Move from local to global visibility by centralizing your dispersed master data. Get your business critical data in a good shape and make it stay that way.

Business benefits:

  • 2-5% revenue increase from enhanced cross-selling opportunities
  • 30-50% reduction in data administration labour costs
  • Increased global data quality
  • Improved customer service and satisfaction

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Syncron multi-domain Master Data Management (MDM) software reconciles and dynamically synchronizes all your dispersed customer, vendor and product data. You can manage multiple master data entities from a single solution through pre-built domains or select one module.

It works as a central hub that consolidates all the reference data, along with the cross-references to source systems, into one master data record. Based on user defined configurable rules and policies the solution continually monitors and evaluates all changes made to master data, both in local systems and within the master data hub.

Syncron proved to be reliable and very flexible—something you unfortunately can’t say about most IT vendors.

Mikko Strömberg, Konecranes

With Syncron Master Data Management software you can consolidate, manage, share and extend business data entities across multiple applications and lines of business within the enterprise. All master data entities are treated with a lifecycle approach, building a reliable foundation and support the process of continues enhancement of the data.

Content management facilitate faster decision making, optimized master data processes, and enables compliance through advanced case management. The automated duplication check, with match and merge functionality, secures that your business critical data gets in good shape and stay that way.

The solutions are based on our Business Process Platform (BPP) designed on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) allowing our customers to define how different individuals access master data and seamlessly integrate into current architectures and business processes.

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Master Data Management modules:

  • Global Customer Master

    Syncron Global Customer Master consolidates and enriches customer data creating a single view of customer information that can be leveraged across all functional departments and business systems. Our customer data management lifecycle workflows ensure that you are continuously cleansing your master data.

  • Global Supplier Master

    Syncron Global Supplier Master consolidates and enriches vendor data creating a single view of vendor information that can be leveraged across all functional departments and business systems. Know your suppliers to get the most out of them.

  • Global Item Master

    Syncron Global Item Master provides a single view of the enterprise entire product portfolio. Product information records are centralized providing consistent accurate product data to multiple sales channels and business systems in a cost-effective manner.

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